Normally the largest time a customer is kept, the most profitable is in terms of revenue. The secret to retain customers for a long time is no other than providing them an excellent support and attention in their everyday troubles and requests.
The Support and Quality process is paramount in order to maintain your customers in your side.
The Support process involves keeping track of all customer requests and reported problems. Knowing always the status of a customer in relation to the open tickets and having a Knowledge Database to expedite the problem resolution is essential to give a good service to customers.
Automatic email notification when a ticket is open, when is changed or when is closed helps to keep customer and our support team informed of the evolution of a given problem.

MyCRMweb has specific tools to manage Support and Quality:

Trouble Tickets
FAQ Database
Business Workflows
Report Analytics

Trouble Tickets allows you to log problems, allocate them to your agents and track the progress. Ticket Management tools are essential for the smooth running of all cases with your customers.
FAQ Database enables the sharing of knowledge among your agents. Once a solution is found for a specific problem, it can be stored in the FAQ database in order to be used by other agents to solve similar problems. Don’t do the same research every time the same problem arises, use the Knowledge Database and quickly respond your customer.
Business Workflows helps to design triggers that send formatted emails when a trouble ticked is opened, changed and closed, keeping everyone informed of the actual status.
Report Analytics helps to keep track and analytics of agent activity, tickets status and how many customers are happy or unhappy about service.