Snack LifeFew projects are as appetizing as the implementation of CRM for Snacklife (Picar i Picar). The reason is that this flagship spanish company is focused on products for the snack. I feel hungry just start talking about it.

When Francesc Fontanillas, Snacklife manager, raised the proposed CRM as tool use for the global company, we knew we had a major challenge ahead of us.

Apart from the usual functions of CRM, such as marketing campaigns, sales opportunities, commercial agendas, it was necessary to import all items and adapt modules for quoting, ordering and invoicing to the specific needs of the activity.

All this should be done within the limits of a limited budget, as the usual in times of crisis.

And so it was done. We adapted the model for quoting, new columns appearing as net weight, drained and packaging. We installed the add-on PDF Maker, allowing total flexibility in designing different models of documents. We created new fields in the catalog, to bring precise control of operating profit. This was done in record time, thanks to the combined work of SAI and Snacklife to leave all configured modules completely adapted for the operation.

After the adjustments made, the system was ready to be put into production, and after a few days of adjustment, it was possible to report the sales activity, sending quotes, enter orders and generate invoices from the application.

Picar y PicarAccording to Raul Masegosa, SAI: “The ability to make full use of the tool provides an important advantage to the system. It is possible from a single application to keep track of all areas of the company. In particular, the sales process like visits or sales calls quickly leads to the entry of an order, and this can be done without leaving the program.”

In Francesc Fontanillas words: “The main advantage of using MiCRMweb for our company is a global management for the whole team to work together in an easy and powerful way. In our expansion process it is very important a tool of this kind, as our delegations obtain updated information anywhere and anytime. We are very satisfied with the implementation of MyCRMweb “.