Google Calendar has become a de-facto standard for many people who use it daily. Its ease of use and power, plus gratuity, make it an option to keep track of daily activities. These are the main advantages of Google Calendar:

1. Web access calendar, therefore visibile from any internet browser.
2. Ability to link it to any mobile phone, such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry or other.
3. Compatible with Google Apps, allowing several people sharing schedule.
4. Accessible from tablets, such as iPad, Samsung Galaxy, etc.
5. Free for the basic version of Gmail, but have cost if contracted with Google Apps.


Our service MyCRMweb is no stranger to this phenomenon, and offer an option to link activities between our CRM and Google Calendar.
These are the characteristics of the link with Google Calendar presented.

– You can link any type of Event Calendar MyCRMweb, including calls, meetings.
– The link does not synchronize tasks.
– The link is unidirectional, ie the CRM to Google Calendar, not vice versa. The modifications must be made continuously by the CRM.
– You must have an active account with Gmail or Google Apps user to this service.

MyCRMweb to Google Calendar

Consider the process of getting MyCRMweb sync with Google Calendar:

Ask us or your dealer activation link in your Google Calendar via the CRM service. You can also do it through this web form indicating Technical Support. This application is free within MyCRMweb service.
Once activated, you will see a new option in the calendar within the More Actions menu to be called Add2Google (see image).


calendar mycrmweb en

    • Once Add2Google clicked, will ask the user to Gmail or Google Apps with which you want to connect. If we check the option Remeber login for this login session, it will not ask more times on this session.

mygmail account

  • Then click on the Proceed button, and assuming the Gmail account is valid, it is inserted the activity in our Google calendar. Let’s look at the example of the image on how it will appear on our Google calendar:


google calendar en

  • This link allows you to update previously created activity, but that step needs to be performed allways in the CRM, and then redo the same operation to update the Google Calendar.

In concluding the tutorial, we see that it is extremely easy to use calendar of MyCRMweb to update our Google calendar. If you use Google Calendar, do not hesitate and Ask us to put this functionality in your CRM. It is free.

Recommended Actions:

Request the activation of Google Calendar link in your MyCRMweb

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