The Inventory and Orders process helps to keep track of the company’s product catalogue, sales orders, inventory stock, pricing maintenance and purchase orders. It helps to know the level of inventory, the sales by person, orders accepted, generate invoices and the level of sales in general. The reason putting together the Order and Invoicing system with the CRM is quite important in some cases. Normally, inside of the Opportunity process, there is a moment that the sales rep generates a Quote for the customer. In many cases, when the sale is closed, this Quote must be transformed in an Order. With the inclusion of Order and Invoicing inside of the system, we have the whole process within MyCRMweb. This allows having all the information in a single place without changing program. With one click you can print orders in PDF, print invoices in PDF as well or send both kinds of documents via email to customers.

MyCRMweb has the following modules in regard of Inventory and Orders:
Product Catalogue: This basic product database is able to maintain the data related to the products your company sells, including descriptions, pictures, prices and conditions.
This is the list of services sold by your company, which can be used to create quotes, orders or invoices. It has a whole set of fields designated to hold information about the service details, prices and conditions.
The assets module allows maintaining a given number of Assets that must be controlled, and assign them to customers with the data attributes that we need to keep.
Price Books:
The Price Books helps to maintain different price-lists for the products and services of our catalogue in order to quickly update or keep track of previous prices for a given product, service or asset.
Sales Orders:
This module allows creating a new Sales Order for a customer when the sale is close, taking from the product catalogue the desired items in order to add the desired product-lines to the order. It has the ability to transform a Quote in a Sales Order, moving all customer data, notes and product lines to the Order.
This module enables the generation of an Invoice to a customer, based on the purchased products and the price agreed. Tax management, shipment expenses management and adjust management are options that we can use to generate the correct order.
It also has the ability to generate an Invoice based on a previous Order, moving customer data, notes and product lines.
Vendors: This is the database of provider companies where you purchase your products or services. It is important to hold the conditions requested by your providers, products associated and basic data about them.
Purchase Orders: This module helps to create the documentation for our providers so we can generate an order to our vendors based in purchase price and keep track of stock ordered and allocated.