Frequently Asked Questions

You will find here a list of FAQ related to MyCRMweb.

What is myCRMweb?

MyCRMweb is a CRM system based in open standards that will enable you to enjoy the benefits of applyng the CRM techniques in your company without the need to spend precious money in servers, software or expensive services.

What is a CRM application?

CRM is the acronym of Customer Relationship Management. A CRM application is a solution that enables the complete control of the relations between your company and their customers. This includes performing Marketing Campaigns, Sales Automation, Salesrep control, Document management, Case Management, Analysis and any other activity that indicates a relationship between you and your customers.

What differenciates myCRMweb from the rest?

MyCRMweb offers its platform at a very competitive price without renouncing to the high quality standards required today: High Availability, First Class Support, Backups, Confidenciality, Customization and Training.

I’m ready to have my own myCRMweb, How do I proceed?

When you think you are ready to go with myCRMweb, go to this page and fill your details, indicating so. We will contact you and send all the documentation, contract details and other information that we will need to set you up as a myCRMweb use

How can I request a custom demo of myCRMweb?

You can request a custom demo of myCRMweb filling the form available in this page. We will get in contact with you and will help to solve all doubts you may have. You can request information about all specific points of the application that matter to you and in general take a decission whether or not myCRMweb can be useful for your business.

How can I quit myCRMweb?

You can request termination of myCRMweb anytime in this page. Once you confirm your decission to quit myCRMweb, the subscrition will be effective finished at the end of the paid period (month or year) that you had subscribed. You must request us 10 days in advance in order to give us time to do the administrative work. In regard of your data, you can export it to Excel anytime so you can keep it before the subscription ends.