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Your CRM in the cloud

cloud crm1MyCRMweb project was born from the need to provide a complete CRM program, cloud-based, with a very competitive price that fits most small and medium enterprises.

MyCRMweb emerges as a combination of programs as Vtiger, mySQL, PHPList with a set of services like high availability, backup/restore, technical help desk, adapting the software and training the users in order to build a complete, refined and enterprise-class solution according to the needs of businesses today.

Beyond the desktop-based programs, miCRMweb is a completely cloud-based program. High Availability servers and ultra-fast bandwidth allow us to offer a reliable, complete, fast and easy to deploy for businesses.

We go a step ahead in the customization or integration. MyCRMweb does not offer a single standard solution vainilla flavour. Our programming skills allow us to bend the program features to match the needs of your business. We can even connect your ERP or invoicing system and your financial data to the CRM in order to see the 360º of your customers.

Some of the features that make this solution unique are:

- Core vTiger with upgrades and complements
- Connectors PHPList for Email Marketing
- Business Intelligence Module
- Integration with back office and billing
- Module Report Visits
- Module Fees and Sales Forecasts
- Backup and Restore Support
- Helpdesk and telephone support