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Who we are

sai newFounded in 1995. SAI is specialized in providing CRM, Call Center, Helpdesk and Mobility solutions for the Industry. We have a broad experience and customer portfolio in leading projects and implementations on these areas of business.
Main offerings are myCRMweb, GoldMine, Heat, GoGlobal, ITSM and IPCC among others. Our headquarters are located in Sant Cugat, Barcelona, Spain.

Main Members of our team are:
David Ribera. CEO and CRM evangelist. With a background in Economics and experience in the Corporate IT business, has participated in several CRM and Call Center implementations during his tenure in SAI. He believes that the Apollo program was fake, and Moon in fact has never been walked by a human.
Ramon Meseguer: CFO and Project Expert. He directs the team of experts that are in charge to provide support, adapt the software to customer needs and keep all the clients happy with the solutions provided. He likes ski and feeling the flow while he is going down the slope and the world is moving under his feet.
Raul Masegosa: Sales and Marketing. Expert in understanding customer needs. He is the link between customers and the IT department, that interprets what each one is saying and transforms it in intelligible language for the other side. Customers love him and IT people respects him because his technical background.
Francisco Piedra: He is the sexyest of our IT team. He prefers to attend only female customers, but we push him to attend male customers as well. He loves good food and likes to smoke tobacco pipe in private.
Jose Maria Pérez: Our main IT Architect. Major in Computer Science. Cum Laude by Bellaterra University. He thinks he knows about everything, but in fact is that he is learning something new everyday.
Ricard Peñalver: He is in charge of the Support & Quality department. A perfectioninst on his own. He is a die-hard Barcelona Football Club supporter, so please don't call him when Barça is playing.
Roser Vidal: She is the CAO of the office. She has a background in psychology and she is very patient as well. These two qualities help her to understand why men can only do one single task at the same time.