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Marketing & Campaigns


Marketing allows businesses to generate leads, to sell additional products to existing clients or to retain former clients. This activity is important since without it the sales department would have no leads to contact or to manage. Marketing is performed usually via campaigns.

Campaigns have a set of marketing activities with a target audience and the goal to obtain a specific result for the sales department. There are multiple kinds of campaigns, but let's address the important ones:

Tele-Marketing Campaign: 
A mass calling campaign which consists of preparing and performing a set of phone calls with the purpose of providing information about the products, obtaining information about potential customers, setting up an appointment or closing a sale.

Emailing Campaign: 
A mass e-mail campaign where potential consumers will receive an e-mail regarding specific information about products/services or what is called a 'Call to Action' prompting the consumer to take action toward the purchase of a product or a service.

Online Campaign:
Advertising on the internet involves the creation of a micro-site for the campaign and consists of attracting the visitors to a specific website where it may both promote and enable the consumer to purchase a product or service.

Combined Campaign:
Involves two or more means of communication. For example, an e-mail followed by a phone call some days later. Creating and managing appointments with customers is of central importance in most customer oriented businesses. MyCRMweb offers a set of tools to manage Marketing and Campaigns.

The modules that myCRMweb has available for Marketing and Campaigns are:


A Lead is the beginning of the sales process which involves collecting contact information about a 'potential' customer for establishing a customer relationship. Leads may be obtained from an external source: the purchase of direct mail and e-mail addresses, organizational listings of businesses and other entities, and even picking up business cards at a convention.

In myCRMweb, the Lead module contains the database information of 'potential' customers but you do not know whether all Leads will end up generating any business opportunity. Therefore, it is sensible that Leads must resides separately from the existing customer account and contact information. During the sales process once a 'potential' customer displays interests in a product or service, you can then convert the lead into a sales potential.


The Campaign module assists in executing your marketing efforts. First, it stores all basic data regarding the creation of the campaign: purpose of the campaign, campaign type, campaign status, estimated cost, estimated revenue, etc. Tracking and storing past and present campaigns information can assist in creating successful sales process in the future. Next, you may add individual contacts, leads, potentials, or activities for the campaign. Also, you may load existing contacts lists or leads lists as long as they already reside in your Lead or Contact module. Lastly, you can assign a specific sales person to perform the activities related with the campaign.

Reports and Business Intelligence

The Reports and the Business Intelligence module enable you to evaluate the effectiveness of your sales campaign through multiple possibilities: offering the data in graphical representation, summarizing the data using a report generator and/or utilising the report generator to create your own report. All the data may then be exported as a report in a PDF or Excel file.